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What anime are you watching or have watched recently?

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What anime are you watching or have watched recently?

Post  Redkix on Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:56 am

So, out of all you lovely people out there on the Internet, I assume at least some of you have watched anime at some point in your lives (Dragonball Z and Pokemon both count). As for me, I love anime. I like it because, well for one, it's better than the cartoons here in the USA. But more importantly, I like anime because it's interesting. Not because "kawaii-desu!" (Well, maybe sometimes). So, I figured why not make a thread out of it?

I'd like to know what anime's you all have seen/are watching. Currently, I'm watching Angel Beats, which is apparently suppose to be a very depressing anime, yet I have seen no scenes that have made me shed a tear. I've completely finished Attack on Titan, Nisekoi, and Death Note, all of which I really enjoyed, especially Nisekoi and Death Note. I'm up for pretty much any kind of anime, except:
I'm up for any kind of anime, except:
-heavy Ecchi
-Male Harem
-Yuri and/or Yaoi
-And did I mention Harem?

I know that probably makes up at least 20% of anime, but animes like the ones listed weird me out and simply a major mindfuck for me.

So what about you all? Seen any good animes lately?

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